The apartment hunt is over!⚜️

Hello everyone,

Guess what? I finally have an apartment in Paris! I got the news soon after I wrote the previous newsletter, and I've been over the moon since. I have still been kind of sick though, but I haven't let it slow me down too much. The needed arrangements just had to be made this week so that I got everything in order for the start of the lease.

I cannot believe this is finally happening. Now that I have the apartment, all my stress concerning the move just went away and all I keep thinking about is how exciting this time of my life is. I have basically waited for this moment for a year and a half now, since I visited Paris the last time in May 2022, and I feel that I'm not even that nervous about the move, because I've been preparing mentally for it for so long already. So Paris, here I come!

This week I had my last lectures at the university and I completed the last of the last assignments. I've also been reminiscing the beautiful dresses of the Nobel banquet from Sunday, and most of all, the wonder of Callas in the new concert film Callas, Paris 1958 that I mentioned about last week. The aria Ah! Bello a me ritorna from Bellini's Norma (1831) keeps ringing in my head every other day. Here is a the aria from the concert in black and white if you want to get into the mood as well.😉

Have an elegant week!

Elle xx

❣️Recent delights

  • I've been learning how to write with an old typewriter recently, and it is harder than I expected! Now after a few pages it starts to look a bit better, but it is so much harder to deal with typos than on a computer.😀 A professor of mine let me return one university assignment written on my typewriter, so it's been a great way to practice the writing. I wrote the report first with my computer and then I've just been focusing on typing it out and rephrasing things on the way.
  • I am still in love with the Italian language, but one day I happened to watch a clip of the Queen Màxima of the Netherlands speaking Spanish, and I must say I'm in love with her Argentinian accent! And she is a just breathtaking personality as well.

🔎New content

  • We filmed a couple of new videos last week with my mom for the Lahti Symphony Orchestra and they turned out great! I'll keep you posted on when they will be published.👍🏼